Praise Report from Mozambique

Yesterday morning, Cross staff listened as International Projects Officer Tara McKinney shared photos and stories from her recent trip to Mozambique. She visited one of my favorite projects for orphaned and vulnerable children that Cross supports with help from our generous friends, a ministry called Reencontro. Tara shared a story that really touched my heart … Continue reading »

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Pineapples and Soda Cans

Having grown up on a ranch, I always keep an eye out for agriculture-related things while traveling. I think it’s amazing how God has given us the know-how to feed ourselves and that he’s tasked us with taking care of his beautiful creation and its creatures. I’ve seen a lot of fields with many different … Continue reading »

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Positive Impact in Mozambique

It’s always amazing to me when I see evidence of how Cross-supported ministries are having a positive impact on people’s lives all around the world. Seeing that impact firsthand in the field is a blessing, a blessing I want to share with you through the story of a young man I met in Mozambique. Hassane, … Continue reading »

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Healthy, Happy, and Thriving

When Haiti Home for Children orphanage founder Gladys Thomas sees 10-month-old Kettelie, she sees a life saved. That’s funny—I just saw a cute little girl when I visited Kettelie at the Cross-sponsored orphanage on my last trip to Haiti. But after I heard Kettelie’s story, however, I understood what Gladys meant. Kettelie arrived at Haiti … Continue reading »

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Founded on a Rock

Cross International was blessed this week with a visit from one of our long-time mission partners, Annie Chikhwaza. Annie founded and currently operates Kondanani Orphanage, a loving home for abandoned and orphaned children in AIDS-ravaged Malawi. She’s truly doing God’s work in one of Africa’s toughest countries. She told us that one woman dies every … Continue reading »

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Living out her faith

Missionary Donie Hernandez has always been a favorite in our office. Her selfless devotion to the poor at Casa Bernabé, a children’s home in Guatemala, continues to be an inspiration. She truly puts her faith into action. A few staff members recently visited the orphanage and got a chance to hear Donie’s powerful personal testimony. … Continue reading »

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Fighting Poverty with Education

If there was ever a place in Haiti that needs help, it’s Gonaives. Far from the city life of Port-au-Prince and the beauty of Haiti’s tropical mountain ranges lays a barren desert on the northwestern coast. The landscape looks like the moon: white, empty, flat, and dusty. The city of Gonaives, which is home to … Continue reading »

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Receive, and you shall Give

Grace Ministries Mission evangelical church has a new leader with a big heart, and big plans, for the poor. Recently, Cross staff met up with Bishop Stanley Simunyola in Lusaka, Zambia, where he told us about the roots of his passion: a Christian teacher from his childhood. As a boy growing up in poverty, Stanley … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Freedom

This weekend, many Americans will express thanks for their freedom as they celebrate Independence Day. The idea of freedom means different things to different people: freedom from want, freedom from oppression, freedom to succeed, freedom to say and do as we please. As Christians, we understand freedom in a very exciting way. Ephesians 3:12 says, … Continue reading »

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Father to the Fatherless

This past Sunday, many of us took time to honor that special someone who taught us how to ride our first bicycle, change our first tire, catch our first baseball, and get through life without calling a plumber or asking for directions. Father’s Day was celebrated in 52 countries around the world, from Cuba to … Continue reading »

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