Fresh Cut Dahlias

Cut Flower orders are accepted by phone & in person only. When you are ready to place your order or have any questions, please get in touch with us at 1-(800)-410-6540. Thank you. Happy Dahlias!

Farm Cut Flower Stand

The Cut Flower Stand is open in August & September during business hours. It is stocked with a wide variety of colors and bloom styles. Please ask for assistance to check availability if you don't see what you are looking for. However, there are no same-day special cut flower requests. The stand is restocked throughout the day, but availability does vary due to demand. It is stocked with our best cut flowers that range from 2-6" in bloom size. Each bunch is a single variety and is fresh-cut, prepared, and hot water treated before the cut flowers are placed into the stand.

August - September

  • $10 per bunch
  • 3 bunches for $25

Special Cut Flower Order Pick-up

August & September pick-ups are available on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Pick-up time is between 1 pm - 4 pm in the afternoon, as they are fresh-cut, prepared, and hot water treated the morning of your pick-up. We are Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Please refer to the variety pictures and descriptions (Best Cut Flowers) when picking out your dahlias for cut flowers. Ignore the individual tuber prices or sold-out information listed on each item, as that is for the dahlia tubers to grow in your own yard - use the pricing information below for fresh-cut dahlias.

August - September

  • 2-6” bloom, 10 stem single variety bunch, $13 per bunch
  • 7-8” blooms, 5 stem single variety bunch, $13 per bunch
  • 9-12” bloom, single stem, $7 each
  • Café Au Lait, 5 stem bunch, $25 per bunch


Shipments are available on Wednesday & Thursday. We are unable to ship fresh-cut flowers to Alaska or Hawaii. All cut flower shipments are done using OVERNIGHT FEDEX. All costs include the stems/blooms, boxing fee, and shipping costs.

Small Box - 20 bunches (200 stems/blooms) - 2" - 6" blooms.

  • Oregon/Washington - $585
  • All Other States - $765

Large Box - 30 bunches (300 stems/blooms) - 2" - 6" blooms.

  • Oregon/Washington - $725
  • All Other States - $875

*All Cut Flower prices are subject to change.

FAQs About Our Fresh Cut Dahlias

We begin accepting fresh-cut dahlia orders on July 1st each season for summer pickup. All cut dahlia orders must be placed by phone or in person. We do not accept online orders for cut dahlias at this time.

We offer fresh-cut dahlias August through September. Please remember our entire crop of gorgeous dahlias are field-grown, and our beginning and end dates can vary slightly each season. Please remember we are at the mercy of "Mother Nature" and if a frost hits or terrible weather comes through we will be done for the season.

You may be as specific as you like ordering by variety name or color, whichever you prefer. Please note that computer monitors will show great variations in color, so please make sure we know the color you are going for and we can always help and make suggestions. If you are particular in variety selection, we highly recommend that you come to our farm and view them in person, growing at our farm, a week or more prior to your event, as our fields open August 1st each year.

We accept Cash or Credit Card/Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & American Express. Please have your credit card number ready when placing your order. (No checks).

The bunches you order have been cut specifically for your order and are reserved for you. If you do not like the varieties you selected, you may sub with other choices that are currently cut and  available. However, you may not cancel or choose to not take items that were ordered on the day of pick-up. All changes and or cancellations to your order must be made by phone 72 hours prior to your pickup date (This includes pickup date change, bunch count or variety change, order cancellation, or any changes made to your existing order), otherwise, your credit card will be billed for this entire order amount.

Our bunches are approx. 20-24 inches in length with one flower per stem for average size plants, however, the mignon single varieties will be about 8-10 in stem length. Each bunch is one variety per bunch.

All dahlias are cut fresh on the day of pickup or shipment. All pick-up orders are available for pickup from 1 pm - 4 pm on the requested date. No morning pick-ups available. Shipments are usually sent by FEDEX Overnight only on Wednesday and Thursdays in August and September.

These dahlias will all be fresh cut and conditioned the day you are picking them up or the day they are shipped. Once cut, these dahlias have a shelf life of 3-6 days. Upon pick-up please provide buckets (approx. 5 bunches per 5 gallon round bucket) and an enclosed vehicle for the flowers to travel in, no open-bed vehicles. Dahlias are shipped out of water and require immediate opening of the box when it is received. Once you open your box, please give all of the dahlia stems a fresh cut, removing the bottom ½”-1” and putting the stems into tap water immediately. We also recommend cutting the rubber bands to allow the bunches to relax and open up properly. All bunches have been hot water treated with floral food (DO NOT RETREAT THE DAHLIAS WITH HOT WATER.)

We do not offer U-picks. If you are not specific on colors we try to have a nice selection at our fresh-cut self-serve stand for you to just drop by and purchase (no pre-orders or special requests on these - they are first come first served). Our self-serve stand is Open during business hours. The cut flower stand is restocked throughout the day.

We at Swan Island Dahlias are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers and the beautiful products we offer. However, we cannot guarantee our beautiful dahlias if they are not properly handled. We send instructions home with every cut flower order picked up. We are unable to make refunds on these perishable items. If you should have any trouble with your cut dahlias we must be notified within 1 hour of pickup. We will make every effort to make it right if anything should not meet our high standards. Thank you.